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Welcome to the 2022-2023

Uniondale High School Show Choir


Thank you so much for wanting to audition. Auditions have officially been postponed. To the 14 &15 of June 2022. This 

page will be updated by June 10th by 5pm regarding

audition times. The songs, harmony, and dance video

will remain up. Can't wait to 

see you then.

Thank you so much for attending todays meeting. Please click the link below and fill out a google form.

This needs to be filled out right after the meeting.

This form will not be available after Sunday 5/8/2022.

List of songs for audition 


Soprano Part By Itself

Alto Part By Itself

Tenor Part By Itself

Bass Part By Itself 

All Parts 

Please Learn The Dance Below. 

The point of contact for the audition process will be Mrs. Lynnette Carr-Hicks & Francesca Zamor. Please email BOTH for any questions or concerns.